Here’s how Hollywood should cast the ‘Making a Murderer’ movie

Netflix’s 10-part documentary series Making a Murderer follows the 2005 trial of Steven Avery: a man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, only to be charged for murder alongside his teenage nephew shortly after his release. It’s a compelling, harrowing, and frequently frustrating watch, one that’s driven some viewers to amateur sleuthing and others to crushes on defense attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.

Whatever conclusions you can or can’t draw about Avery’s guilt or innocence, one thing is clear: This series has resonated deeply with its audience. At this point, a Hollywood movie adaptation seems more or less inevitable. Here’s who we’d like to see take on the key roles.

Steven Avery: Nick Offerman

Steven Avery Nick OffermanNetflix, Getty Images

Young Steven Avery: Jesse Plemons

Young Steven Avery Jesse PlemonsNetflix, Getty Images

Dolores Avery (Steven’s mother): Kathy Bates

Dolores Avery Kathy BatesNetflix, Getty Images

Allan Avery (Steven’s father): Tommy Lee Jones

Allan Avery Tommy Lee JonesNetflix, Getty Images

Brendan Dassey (Steven’s nephew): Paul Dano

Brendan Dassey Paul DanoNetflix, Getty Images

Barb Tadych (Steven’s sister, Brendan’s mother): Dale Dickey

Barb Tadych Dale DickeyNetflix, Getty Images

Scott Tadych (Steven’s brother-in-law): Steve Carell

Scott Tadych Steve CarellNetflix, Getty Images

Bobby Dassey (Brendan’s brother, Steven’s nephew): Lucas Black

Bobby Dassey Lucas BlackNetflix, CBS

Lieutenant James Lenk (Sheriff’s Department): Michael Kelly

James Lenk Michael KellyNetflix, Netflix

Sergeant Andrew Colborn (Sheriff’s Department): Paul Giamatti

Andrew Colburn Paul GiamattiNetflix, Getty Images

Dean Strang (Defense attorney for Steven Avery): Stephen Colbert

Dean Strang Stephen ColbertNetflix, Getty Images

Jerry Buting (Defense attorney for Steven Avery): Andy Buckley

Jerry Buting Andy BuckleyNetflix, NBC

Ken Krantz (Prosecutor): Jack Black

Ken Krantz Jack BlackNetflix, Millennium Entertainment

Len Kachinsky (Defense attorney for Brendan Dassey): William H. Macy

Len Kachinsky William H MacyNetflix, New Line Cinema

Mike Halbach (Brother of victim Teresa Halbach): Matt McGorry

Mike Halbach Matt McGorryNetflix, Getty Images

Ryan Hillegas (Teresa’s ex-boyfriend): Zach Gilford

Ryan Hillegas Zach GilfordNetflix, NBC

Angenette Levy (Reporter): Ashley Greene

Angenette Ashley GreeneNetflix, Getty Images

Aaron Keller (Reporter): Anderson Cooper

Aaron Keller Anderson CooperNetflix, Getty Images