Still wondering what Fusion is? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Click here!

Our cable TV channel might not be widely available (yet!) but there’s a magnificent platform called the Internet where you can read and watch content (on demand!) produced by our awesome team of Fusion journalists and producers– a team which is growing by the minute and we couldn’t be more excited about.

Granted, we just turned a year old this week. But the NY Media Elite’s fondness for wondering what Fusion is can be traced back to April when we announced the hire of NY Media Elite member Felix Salmon. Then we kept hiring them, and hiring ’em, but the mystery still remains, like a serialized podcast: What IS Fusion? And most importantly, what do they have in their water? And did you know – gasp – they’re based in Miami?

For all of those journalists who are failing to do some ol’ skool research, behold some handy tools so you check out what we’re about. And we’re just getting started.

Here’s our website, multiple Twitter accounts, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Ello (we have more social media networks but will leave those to the adventurous Googlers.)

For our own amusement, I’ve compiled some Tweets of Shock on this Halloween Friday, a slow news day.



Of Nuclear Proportions


and from our Fusion team: