Soccer Godcast, Episode 12: USWNT vs. turf, FIFA arrests, and MLS Latino del Año

After two weeks (possibly three) of absence, Kevin Brown and Miriti Murungi return with a new episode of the Soccer Godcast. Fresh of a post-Thanksgiving buzz, they discuss the U.S. women’s national team’s decision to bail on a friendly match in Hawaii, due to a poor playing surface, and the backlash that came to both the team and U.S. Soccer. Later, they break down the most recent round of FIFA executive arrests, marvel at Sepp Blatter’s ability to avoid prison, and wonder if the idea of FIFA reform is even realistic.

Where Is Football and Top Drawer Soccer’s Maxi Rodriguez joins to discuss Major League Soccer’s annual Latino del Año award, the strangeness of its very existence, and the dangers of mislabeling communities for the sake of market pandering.

As always, listener questions are answered, and Karim Benzema’s place on Kwanzaa Claus’s “Naughty or Nice” list is decided.

Listen below and find previous episodes here.