Watch Ken Burns say ‘Jazz’ 2.97 billion times, it’ll only take a few minutes

Ken Burns love Jazz. Just loves it! He made a long documentary about Jazz, called Jazz. Jazz is a great documentary, but it really lacks enough of what America and the world demand: Ken Burns saying the word “Jazz.” We demand surfeit of it, an endless oscillating sea of jazz.

Finally, enterprising musician Bill Baird has given us what we want, nay, need: Ken Burns saying Jazz 2.97 billion times in three minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

Baird says it took him “all day” to make the video, “a significant amount of time, but not weeks, not months, and not using a supercomputer.” He also recommends watching in HD, a recommendation that I second.

It’s a shimmering, roaring, whispering, whimpering, monster of “Jazz,” straight from the mouth of one of the United States’s most beloved documentarians.