Listen: The Notorious S.E.P.P. – The Ten FIFA Commandments

This past May, armed with sensible sweaters and assault-ready Nissan Leafs, a brave band of law enforcement officials staged a daring, early morning raid to arrest what felt like half of the FIFA Executive Committee in Zurich. The arrest list read like a who’s who of the small-to-medium fish in the soccer crime and corruption game. But one important whale swam free: FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Early this morning—lead once again by the flag-waving titans in international morality, the U.S. Department of Justice—Swiss authorities ran up into the same luxury hotel it swarmed in May to make another round of key arrests. Apparently, despite (allegedly) laundering millions of dollars, these alleged FIFA crooks have a limited list of hotel accommodations available to them.

As authorities continue to sweep up FIFA executives, one man has once again escaped the feds: the kingpin himself, Sepp Blatter. To prove just how untouchable he really is, Batter hit the studio last night and brazenly recorded a song to flaunt his certified gangster credentials.

Listen to The Notorious S.E.P.P.’s “Ten FIFA Commandments below: