Everybody hated Donald Trump’s ‘SNL’ appearance

Did you catch Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live”? For your sake, hopefully the answer to that is no.

It is hard to find anyone who has a good word to say about Trump’s “SNL” hosting gig. The protests, the fears about racism, the equal-time controversies—all melted away as viewers gazed in gobsmacked confusion about what was unfolding in front of them. Trump barely spent any time onscreen, and the moments he did participate in featured such satirical gems as “Donald Trump will be an awesome president” and “Donald Trump plays lasers (?)” For good measure, the show continued its stellar history of getting white people to play Latinos by getting a white guy to play the president of Mexico. The cast members often gave off the air of appearing in a highly priced hostage video, telegraphing “Save me” looks to the audience.

The reviews were not kind. “A dreadful, toothless, dead-eyed slog,” the AV Club proclaimed, giving the show an F. “An anemic and halfhearted dud” was the Washington Post’s verdict. Time said that “the show was at odds with itself in a manner that made truly bad TV.”

One person, though, thought the evening went really well.