AMERICA ASKS: What would you ask presidential candidate Ben Carson?

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has been climbing to the top of the polls recently, closing in on front-runner Donald Trump, and, according to some polls, even taking a slight lead.

But the journey hasn’t always been so smooth. Along the way Carson has made some pretty controversial comments that have left people wondering if the retired neurosurgeon is capable of running the country. Like when he compared abortion to slavery; or when he suggested the Holocaust could have been “greatly diminished” if the Jews had been armed.

But the GOP contender has also surprised many with a more progressive stance on some issues, like when he said women should be ordained as priests.

Is Carson the better version of Trump? We want to know what YOU think.

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos will chat with Dr. Ben Carson this Thursday, Nov. 5, and he wants to know: What do you want to ask the GOP presidential hopeful?

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