RNC’s Sean Spicer agrees Boulder GOP debate questions were plain ‘stupid’

In the wake of what was seen as a disastrous GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado, Republican candidates have been pushing harder than ever for debate reform. The Republican National Committee’s decision to suspend its partnership with NBC News for an upcoming debate in February—following what RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said was a “crap sandwich” of a CNBC-hosted debate—coupled with a reshuffling of its senior staff, didn’t quite cut it for presidential candidates who complained about how the primary debates were being handled. They’ve since taken matters into their own hands by organizing a meeting between several campaign aides to get more control over the debate process and content.

But despite what seems like a rift between the committee and candidates, RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer agrees the debate was full of “silly” and “stupid” questions, rather than substantive ones on topics like finance and the economy, which was promised.

When Ramos asked Spicer if he felt the candidates were doing enough to win the Latino vote this election—something Mitt Romney failed to do in 2012—Spicer admitted Republicans in the past haven’t done enough.

“I think too often our party—whether it’s the hispanic vote, or the black vote, or the asian vote—frankly, we’ve sort of sat back,” he told Ramos.

Spicer cited George W. Bush’s strategy in 2004, which earned him 44 percent of the Latino vote—the best showing ever for a GOP candidate—as the example to follow.

Watch the full interview below