The Dopeness: Paris Saint-Germain wants to overthrow FC Barcelona as the kings of denim

Only 11 days have passed since the announcement of Paris Saint-Germain’s last collaboration with the fashion world, but Ligue 1 champs are back already with a new deal with Levi’s. Starting today, you can be wrapped in French denim excellence, in the form of a custom, PSG-branded version of Levi’s iconic Trucker Jacket.


Based on the above photo, it’s unclear if the boys of PSG are more interested in selling you a new jacket, or forcing you to join their street gang—which doubles as an a capella group—and making you the lookout as they drop cherry bombs into the toilets of your high school girl’s locker room. But don’t let that distract you from buying this jacket.

“From today, fans of both brands will be able to buy a unique Paris Saint-Germain-inspired version of one of Levi’s most iconic and loved items – the Trucker jacket. A timeless classic, Levi’s Trucker jacket has been a mainstay of every wardrobe since 1962. The Levi’s Paris Saint-Germain Trucker features the team’s name, embroidered in white lettering across the back and the Paris Saint-Germain logo on the left shoulder sleeve. Fans can further customize the jacket.”

Both men’s and women’s versions are available.

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This denim—customizable with different versions of the club’s crest, player names, and numbering badges—will make you want to start smoking American Spirit cigarettes (the ones in the black pack, because you’re fancy) and insisting to your friends that “everything is bullshit” in a broken French accent. It’s that kind of wonderful.

The Trucker Jacket, in its splendor, is not the end of the line for PSG x Levi’s. An extended collection will be introduced for spring/summer 2016, which could mean you’ll finally have the chance to buy the formal overalls you’ve always wanted.

The bigger news here is it appears PSG is aiming at the undisputed kings of soccer denim, FC Barcelona, whose ongoing deal with their “official casual clothing range,” Replay Jeans, has had them rocking more double-denim that anyone outside of Canada.

PSG may never get past Barça in Champions League play, but they’re already miles ahead of Barcelona when it comes to denim, the only material that can make Luis Saurez look even more like a serial killer who just escaped a maximum security prison.