The Dopeness: adidas and Palace Skateboards find inspiration in 90s goalkeepers

Depending on your taste—or lack of it—the 1990s were either the absolute apex, or most embarrassing period for on-field soccer design. Teams across the world were dressed like abstract art, your favorite Windows 95 screensaver, or your Floridian grandmother’s curtains. It may not have always looked good, but it was creative. Soccer jerseys in the 90s made today’s wildest “kits”—see Puma’s gear for African national teams—look like tennis outfits suited for Wimbledon.

A psychedelic jumper inspired by ‘90s goalkeepers. From adidas Originals by @palaceskateboards and in stores October 24th.

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Winter waves imminent. adidas Originals by @palaceskateboards drops October 24th.

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The unquestioned rulers of 90s soccer fashion were the goalkeepers. How many times have you woken up in the morning, looked in your closet for something to wear and thought to yourself, “What would Jorge Campos do?” Never? That’s probably for the best, as dressing like Campos would probably lead to people questioning your mental stability. Regardless, adidas Originals and Palace Skateboards have combined for a new winter line, featuring new gear inspired by 90s goalkeepers.

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The collections include new outerwear that doesn’t go full-Meola, but keeps the 90s alive in a way that you can actually wear in public. You may be asking why adidas is partnering with a skate company for soccer-inspired gear, but save yourself that stress, buy yourself a new jacket and don’t worry about it.

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If your really want to take your throwback net-minder look to unnecessarily complete levels, don’t hesitate to pair your new “psychadelic jumper” with these sneakers gloves from Palace.