Soccer Gods Reviews: Didier Drogba dancing with Montreal Impact academy players

Didier Drogba is for the children. And fortunately for the children of the greater Montreal metropolitan area, it seems that he is willing to moonlight as a youth coach.

The Impact striker, Ivory Coast legend, and nightmare to many of your foreign player-fearing sensibilities has been a living the life of a mega-star since the moment he arrived in Montreal. Yesterday, he blessed the lucky kids of the Impact’s youth academy with a little face time and some valuable soccer education.

Drogba knows what sort of advice it takes to guide these miniature French-Canadians down a path to ultimate soccer success because he’s already climbed that mountain. That’s why he didn’t bore the kids with tips on how to mimic his legendary target man style, or tell them how happy he is to have bailed on Chelsea before the club went to hell. Instead, he focused his attention on helping these children develop the most important skill for any would-be iconic player: dancing.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about the Impact’s developmental system, but that won’t prevent me from saying with the utmost confidence that the kid who got up to dance first is absolutely going to be Canada’s first Ballon d’Or winner. He’s clearly an advanced player among his age group.

The breakdancer who showed up about a minute later has a real chance at greatness, too. But you can’t help but to feel that his career could be shortened by an injury picked up during a celebration for a goal he didn’t even score.

Later, the kids were joined in the circle by senior team defender Ambroise Oyongo, who, judging solely by this video, should have been an MLS All-Star this summer.

Overall, it was a pretty strong showing for the Impact’s academy. If dancing counted for anything meaningful—and it does—some of these kids are at least ready to make the jump to the team’s USL reserve team.