The Dopeness: Paris Saint-Germain collaborates with Hugo Boss and SOPHNET on new team gear

Paris Saint-Germain isn’t flying the flag for just any city. “Ici c’est Paris,” one of the world’s most notable capitals, and PSG (sorry, Paris FC) has the rare luxury of being the only major club in one of the planet’s most iconic cities.

That privilege, however, comes with responsibilities. As an unofficial global ambassador for Paris, PSG has an obligation to uphold Paris’s long, storied, fashion history. The club has met that obligation before, collaborating with stylish brands like Hublot.

This week, the club announced its latest collaboration: a pair of partnerships that will keep both its players and fans looking right in any setting.

PSG announced an extension of their deal with Hugo Boss—which began last season—to be the club’s “official outfitter.” That essentially means they are determined to be better than your favorite team when it comes to looking good for those ever-important shots of players walking from the team bus into the stadium.

Hugo Boss is a perfect partner for PSG because they make beautiful suits for unreasonably skinny adult men like Javier “El Flaco” Pastore.


For the streetwear crowd (the young, and possibly unemployed) with no real need for such bespoke garments, Les Parisian reached out to designer Hirofumi Kiyonaga and his SOPHNET brand (you may recognize them from the F.C. Real Bristol collaboration with Nike) to create a new line of team-branded gear.

The fall/winter collection includes a range of gear from crew-neck sweatshirts, hoodies and elegant sweatpants (not to be confused with formal sweatpants) to bandanas and tote bags. It’s the perfect post-up attire to wear to your local soccer bar when you want to express your post-oil money support for PSG and look good enough to make beer-chugging Premier League fans look like slobs.

Never forget. Paris Saint-Germain cares about you, and wants you to be fly.

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