Are Latinos standing by Hillary, or just running from Trump?

Hillary Clinton wants to woo latino voters—y lo más rápido posible.

As part of that effort, the Clinton campaign is rolling out its “Latinos for Hillary” initiative, which seeks to attract Hispanic voters in states such as Nevada, Texas, Florida and Colorado. It’s part of Clinton’s effort to make good on her recently penned op-ed where she pledged to “stand with” latino voters and fix the broken immigration system.

“I will fight to get comprehensive immigration reform because I believe it’s in the best interest of our country,” Clinton said at a Friday afternoon event at Broward College, in Southern Florida.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.58.34 PM

A group of Clinton supporters on the main stage.

Although she didn’t go into any details about her immigration plan or strategy to attract latino voters—instead she addressed, in equally broad terms, issues such as climate change, healthcare, gun control, and equal pay for women— many of the young latino supporters at the event seemed encouraged by what they heard.

Then again, for many Latinos, anybody looks good next to Donald Trump. And though Trump today was campaigning in a state far, far away, he was present in the minds of many of those who came out to hear Clinton speak.

“No immigrant is going to vote for Donald Trump,” said Brazilian national Isabel Santos, who is supporting Clinton even though she can’t vote in U.S. elections.

“I think she has the latino vote in her pocket, since Trump has been talking pestes [crap] about us,” added Colombian-American student Lina Lobo. “I think Hillary is a good candidate for African Americans and Latinos.”

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A small group of student protesters holding signs outside the venue.

Juan Pablo Quintero, whose parents fled violence in Colombia to move here in 2000, says Trump might be appealing to some voters with his “blunt,” businessman approach to politics, but ultimately his message could push latino voters into Clinton’s camp.

Unfortunately for Clinton, not all of those pushed under her tent can vote.

“If I could vote, I think I would vote for Hillary,” said Franco Mezzadra, an Argentine student studying at Broward College who thinks Trump is a “pobre ignorante.”

But as it is, Mezzadra can offer only moral support, which is always nice, but doesn’t count the same on Election Day.