Who are the ‘Prison Kids’? Portraits of America’s incarcerated youth


They are boys and girls. They are mostly minorities. They’ve all had their run-ins with the law — some large, some very small. And they’ve all been touched somehow by an incarceral system that, rather than reforming and improving kids, increasingly traumatizes them, stigmatizes them, and teaches them that they matter little to most of America.

Take a few moments to hear from some of the young people Fusion interviewed for “Prison Kids,” our hourlong documentary investigation into how the United States imprisons and impacts children in ways no other developed nation does.

“Prison Kids” makes its television premiere on October 4. Watch the full documentary, presented by entrepreneur, music mogul and activist Russell Simmons and narrated by “Empire” actress Gabourey Sidibe, here now. And explore new coverage of the juvenile justice system all October on Fusion’s “Prison Kids” investigative news site.