Soccer Godcast: Episode 1 – Why is U.S. soccer so boring?

On a bleak Tuesday night in Foxborough, Massachusetts, a lifeless U.S. men’s national team suffered a highly-stylized beating at the hands of an almost acrobatic Brazil. It was the perfect excuse for Soccer Gods contributors Miriti Murungi and Kevin Brown to wonder aloud just why the hell American soccer is so boring — because it is.

Does a dull culture breed dull players, or is it the “American way” to avoid individually talented players who may carry more attitude baggage than we’re used to in the States?

Are MLS and U.S. Soccer going out of their way to project an image of sameness for sake of what they believe to be middle-American appeal?

Miriti and Kevin tackled these riddles, dispensed some phenomenal romantic advice, and were joined by former MLS Insider and soccer branding and marketing pro Shawn Francis (@TheOffsideRules).