Why we shouldn’t be afraid of becoming a ‘Drone Nation’

We’re a nation in love with drones.

These camera-carrying drones are now filling our skies, capturing sights never seen before. They now help film our movies, patrol our streets, and keep watch at our borders.

As these drones multiply so do our concerns over surveillance and safety. How much is too much?

Fusion’s Mariana van Zeller goes deep inside the world of drones in Drone Nation.

Part I: Cashing in on the business of drones

Part II: Are drones watching you?


Produced by
Roberto Daza and Angela Barajas

Executive Producer
Mark Lima

Mariana van Zeller

Julia Soto and Darwin Phillips

Director of Photography
Roberto Daza

Aerial Photography
Trent Siggard, Norman Sidney,
Hector Viloro, Roberto Daza, and Pablo Garcia

Merielen Burbano, Yoana Barciela, and Marco Diaz

Additional Camera
Gregory Kershaw, Sam Dublin, and Angela Barajas

Assistant Editor
Garrett King

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Azlan Zarool

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