Donald Trump throws Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos out of his press conference

Jorge Ramos, the news anchor employed by both Univision and Fusion (the site you are reading right now), didn’t get a great response after asking Donald Trump a question at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. Trump perceived Ramos’s question to be out of line, saying, “Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called. Sit down.”

Here’s the video, courtesy of ABC News. Later, Trump tells Ramos, “Go back to Univision.”

ABC reported that Ramos was attempting to ask a question about immigration.

In potentially related news, Donald Trump isn’t very favorable among Hispanic voters.

Update: Jorge Ramos was eventually invited back into the press conference, where he asked Trump about his proposal to build a 1,900-mile-long wall along the Mexican border, and how he would actually complete such a project. “I’m a builder,” Trump replied. “That’s easy.” He added: “What’s more complicated is building a building that’s 95 stories tall.”

Trump also said he would deport millions of undocumented immigrants “in a very humane fashion,” starting with gang members.

He told Ramos, “I have a bigger heart than you do.”

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