Donald Trump is…not doing great with Hispanic voters

You might be wondering, given all of his nasty comments as of late: How is Donald Trump doing with Hispanic voters?

Donald Trump Hispanic voter poll

According to a Gallup poll released Monday night, the answer is…not great! The ugly number and long gray line you see above represents a net negative perception among Hispanics of 51 points: In other words, 14 percent of Hispanic voters view Trump favorably, while 65 percent view him negatively. Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, both of Texas, placed a distant second-to-last.

If you are wondering why Trump has scored so poorly with Hispanic voters, please see his comments here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

As these world-historical terrible numbers sink in, please keep in mind Donald Trump has previously claimed that, should he earn the GOP nomination, he would win the Latino vote.

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