New FIFA reform chief says soccer in the U.S. is an ethnic sport for girls

FIFA has a problem. It’s corrupt, discriminatory, condescending, and has little regard for anyone not in its inner circle. Plus, if you call the soccer’s global governing body on its troubles, citing facts, it will dismiss and berate you. In short, FIFA’s run by a bunch of assholes.

Thankfully, FIFA has acknowledged this, in part, and is working to fix its issues. It has assembled a 2016 Reform Committee that will set the organization on a path toward inclusiveness and good conscience. So let’s check in on the head of the committee.

But for the U.S., football, soccer, does not have the same weight as baseball, basketball, and American football. There, it’s just an ethnic sport for girls in schools.

Ah yes, that is Swiss attorney Francois Carrard, the man appointed to lead the FIFA reform process. Nothing says becoming a modern organization like a tired trope from the 1980s.

Of course soccer in the U.S. doesn’t have the same following as baseball, basketball, and football. That much is true. But the rest, particularly the condescending, unfounded assumption that the people who play are girls influenced by “ethnic” people, is spectacularly ignorant.

But it’s OK. Carrard looking down on American soccer just because women play certainly won’t stop him from bringing FIFA into the 21st century. Just look at the way he is ready to go after Sepp Blatter.

There is something unfair in the way he is treated. I say that with complete independence. We are in the process of pillorying him. Unfortunately, it’s always like that when somebody stays too long, the negative side gets noticed. This man has been unfairly treated.

FIFA reforms!

FIFA will also nominate Donald Trump to be president of Mexico Football Federation. Probably.