Introducing Shortcake v0.5.0: “Sugar”

Fusion’s first major open-source project was introduced in November as Shortcake. Shortcake makes WordPress shortcodes a piece of cake. Shortcodes are a core component of WordPress structured publishing. With Shortcake we give shortcodes a visual interface to make shortcodes as user-friendly as they are powerful.

Today we’re introducing Sugar, the fifth major release of Shortcake.

What’s new?

The biggest change lies with the user experience around the attachment field type. We’ve brought the experience closer to Core by making it easier to change the attachment (it now only takes a single click to invoke the media library selector as opposed to the previous two) and including attachment metadata in the field view.

Shortcake v0.5.0 new attachment details

Displaying attachment details alongside the thumbnail are one of the new features in Shortcake v0.5.0

We think these changes are especially beneficial in Shortcake’s sister plugin, Image Shortcake.

We’ve also removed the Preview tab from Shortcake views. This change was also meant to bring Shortcake’s user experience closer to Core, in which the inline Visual preview is preferred over a separate preview in the media modal. It also sets the stage for inline editing, which we hope to tackle in a future release.

Additional changes in v0.5.0


  • Adds range input type.
  • Improved PHPDoc across the plugin.
  • Introduced a `register_shortcode_ui` hook for plugins to more safely register UI with.
  • The attachment field was refactored to extend editAttributeField, giving it access to the actions in that view and providing a template for future field additions.
  • Cleaned up JavaScript using JSHint.
  • Adds Portuguese and Russian translation.

Bug fixes:

  • Hitting esc in a Shortcake view will now close the modal. (Fixed in Core.)
  • Hitting delete when a Shortcake preview is selected in the Visual editor now results in the shortcode being removed. (Fixed in Core.)
  • The Shortcake ‘search’ function no longer visually conflicts with the shortcode grid at small screen sizes. (Fixed in Core.)
  • Cleaned up some edge cases around the inner_content attribute, including persisting the shortcode value when UI isn’t registered for the field.
  • Fixed an issue with updating post select fields.
  • Use get_post_type() instead of get_current_screen()->post_type so context is properly set on the frontend.

Download the latest version from, or take a look in Github for all closed issues in this release.

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