Jose Mourinho is sexist

Jose Mourinho is sexist.

There’s the whole thing with the club doctor, which is blowing up the English papers right now. But beyond that, there’s a clear and distinctive pattern of sexist behavior from Jose Mourinho.

Let’s go backwards and start with Dr. Eva Carneiro.

1. Dr. Eva Carneiro

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech holds his arm as he is covered by a blanket as he leaves the pitch with Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro following an injury during the Champions League semifinal first leg soccer match between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .(AP Photo/Paul White)AP

It was the Premier League opening weekend. Chelsea, down a player after goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was sent off, was inching toward a 2-2 draw with Swansea City. In the third minute of stoppage time, Eden Hazard rolled around injured, so the referee, Michael Oliver, waved on Chelsea’s medical staff.

Onto the field rushed Dr. Carneiro, the club doctor, and Jon Fearn, the head physiotherapist. The rules stipulate that because the medical staff entered the field, Hazard had to leave it momentarily before the referee waved him back on. This is to stop players from wasting time by pretending to be injured.

Now down to nine players temporarily, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho lost his shit.

In the press conference after the game, Mourinho ripped into his physios.

“I was very unhappy with my medical staff, because you have to understand the game. Even if you are a kit man, a doctor, or a secretary on the bench, you have to understand the game and you have to know that you have one player less.

“When you go to the pitch to assist a player, you must be sure the player has a serious problem, and I was sure that Eden hadn’t a serious problem. He had a knock, he was very, very tired, and medical department –impulsive and naive – they left me on a counter attack after a set piece with two players less.”

Humans on Twitter largely took Dr. Carneiro’s side, partly because Mourinho’s shtick is wearing thin, partly because she was just doing her job, and partly because, apparently, some humans on Twitter aren’t sexists. Like Mourinho is.

The Premier League Doctors’ Group also released a statement offering “universal and total support” and maintaining that she “did her job properly.”

Dr. Carneiro thanked the public for its support in her only post on her public Facebook account.

This really pissed off Mourinho. He “demoted” Dr. Carneiro. She can’t attend games, training sessions, or frequent the team hotel. (Fearn also won’t be allowed on the bench during matches.)

Mourinho’s camp leaked information to Duncan Castles, an English journalist well connected to Jorge Mendes, Mourinho’s agent. Castles wrote the nuggets up for ONE World Sports. Here’s the damning part (emphasis mine):

Mourinho is said to have held reservations about Carneiro’s role within the first-team squad since at least last year. While there is no question about her professional abilities, the Portuguese coach was concerned that the dressing room dynamic was affected by the presence of a female. According to a source, some players had expressed misgivings to the coaching staff about the set-up, arguing that it forced them to alter their usual behavior in a team environment.

Dr. Carneiro had performed her role at Chelsea since 2011, for four different managers. But sure, now she’s affecting dressing room dynamic.

TL;DR: Mourinho demoted a female club doctor and leaked info to the press saying she disrupted locker room harmony.

2. Montse Benitez

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 14: Rafael Benitez the Liverpool manager with his wife Montse during the Hillsborough Memorial match between Liverpool Legends and All Stars XI at Anfield on May 14, 2009 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Let’s go back a few weeks, to the beginning of the season.

Montse Benitez is married to Rafael Benitez, the current Real Madrid manager. She was speaking to Spanish newspaper La Region and joked about her husband joining the third former club of Mourinho: “Real Madrid is the third of Jose Mourinho’s old teams Rafa has coached. We tidy up his messes.”

She was clearly joking, and went on to mention that it was understandable, because there are a limited number of big clubs in the world.

Mourinho took it in good humor.

“The lady is a bit confused, with all respect. The only club where her husband [directly] replaced me was at Inter Milan, where in six months he destroyed the best team in Europe at the time.”

We’re good here. There were buffer managers between Mourinho and Benitez at Chelsea and Real Madrid, so he’s right about that. And Inter did pay Benitez several million euros to please just go away only six months after Mourinho won the treble with the exact same squad.

Mourinho’s an asshole, but that’s no sin.

Alas, he went on:

“And for her to think about me and to speak about me, I think she needs to occupy her time — and if she takes care of her husband’s diet, she will have less time to speak about me.”


TL;DR: Mourinho told Benitez’s wife to get back in the kitchen.

3. All women

COBHAM, ENGLAND - MAY 02:  Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho talks to the press at the Chelsea Training Ground on May 2, 2014 in Cobham, England.  (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)Getty Images

Jose Mourinho enjoys mocking Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. He’s the one who called Wenger a voyeur and a “specialist in failure.” As previously mentioned, being an asshole is not synonymous with being sexist.

But one jibe back in 2013 was. Mourinho was complaining about Arsenal players complaining to the referee. “You know, they like to cry,” he said. Then he added:

“Football is for men, or for women with fantastic attitude.”

I mean. Let’s brush aside the obvious part here. Soccer is not for men. I’d argue it’s not even just for humans. It’s also not limited to just women with fantastic attitudes. It’s for awful women and curmudgeonly women and cruel women and insidious women, too.

But that’s not the main point here. The point is that Mourinho used the tag of women as an insult. He insinuated that Arsenal players weren’t manly, and therefore weren’t fit for soccer. That’s not cool. It’s sexist.

TL;DR: Mourinho thinks comparing people to women is an insult.

4. All actresses ever

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 11:  Jose Mourinho the manager of Chelsea winks prior to kickoff during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, second leg match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge on March 11, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)Getty Images

Back when Mourinho was at Real Madrid, he talked to Spanish radio station COPE. They asked him who his favorite actress is.

He said: “Men are better actors than women.”

It’s like he didn’t even see Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables.

TL;DR: Jose Mourinho is sexist.