Did this soccer player beat up and kill a journalist for criticizing him?

An Azerbaijani soccer player was arrested after a journalist who criticized him was beaten to death.

Javid Huseynov is the 27-year-old captain of FC Gabala and plays for the Azerbaijan national team. The striker scored the winning goal against Apollon Limassol of Cyprus in the Europa League on Thursday, and celebrated with a Turkish flag. When asked why by journalists, he displayed an “insulting gesture.” (Turkey has occupied the northern third of Cyprus since 1974.)

Journalist Rasim Aliyev posted on Facebook that Huseynov is “lewd, rude, and unable to control himself as a player.”

Aliyev added that Huseynov isn’t fit to represent Azerbaijan in Europe.

(Huseynov has scored two goals in 44 international appearances, 14 as starts.)

According to local media, Aliyev received a call from someone claiming to be Huseynov’s cousin, and went to meet him. He was attacked, beaten, and died in a hospital on Sunday.

The Azerbaijan police arrested Huseynov and five others in connection with the death.

Gabala suspended Huseynov until the case is resolved.