Donald Trump would like to cross the border to buy a Colombian soccer team

Donald Trump wants to buy a Colombian soccer team.

If someone told you last year that Donald Trump would be sitting atop national Republican polls at the beginning of August 2015, you would have doubled over laughing. And then, if that same person told you that Trump, as a result of those poll results, would stand front and center during the first Fox News Republican primary debate, you may have stopped laughing after going into shock. But that’s exactly what happened, despite a series of disparaging comments Trump made about Mexicans immigrants in the U.S. (e.g., calling them “criminals, drug dealers, rapists”) that caused plenty of ire and resulted in several high-profile companies breaking off corporate relations with the smug, bombastic real estate mogul.

Every passing day, it seems, is a new chance to unearth more ridiculous Trump news.

Last week, Colombian newspaper El Pais reported that Trump and partner Alessandro Proto have made a $100 million bid for one of Colombia’s most popular soccer teams, Medellin-based Atlético Nacional.

Ironically, one of Trump’s vocal critics after his remarks was the reigning Miss Universe, Colombia’s Paulina Vega. Vega issued a statement, posted to Instagram, denouncing Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants as “unjust and hurtful.”

・・・ PAULINA VEGA MISS UNIVERSO 2014 Encuentro los comentarios del Sr. Trump injustos e hirientes. Como Colombiana y como Miss Universo quiero mostrar mi apoyo y avalar los sentimientos de la Comunidad Latina. La Organización Miss Universo trabaja de forma independiente de sus dueños. Durante los últimos 64 años han creado asociaciones con excelentes grupos de carácter social, han ayudado miles de comunidades y han unido países alrededor del mundo de manera inspiradora. Si la Organización de Miss Universo compartiera algún sentimiento anti latino o cualquier tipo de prejuicio racial, yo no estaría en esta posición hoy. Creo fuertemente que lo que le impide a la humanidad avanzar es el hecho de dividirla y categorizarla. Reconocer y aceptar las diferencias que existen a través de la humanidad es el primer paso en el desarrollo real y sustancial. Debemos trabajar juntos para el progreso de nuestro bienestar común. PAULINA VEGA MISS UNIVERSE 2014 STATEMENT I find Mr. Trump’s comments unjust and hurtful. As a Colombian and as Miss Universe, I want to show my support and validate the sentiments of the Latin community. The Miss Universe Organization works independently from its owners. For the past 64 years, they have created partnerships with great charity groups and have helped thousands of communities. Their legacy of uniting countries from around the world has been inspiring to many. If the Miss Universe Organization shared any anti-Latin sentiments or any type of racial biases, I wouldn’t be in this position today. I strongly believe that dividing and categorizing humankind only holds it back. Acknowledging and embracing the differences that exist across humanity is the first step in real and substantial development. We must strive together in order to improve the common good.

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Trump, in turn, hit back with this adorable tweet:

Many other Colombians registered their disgust, including Shakira:

Trump purchasing real estate in Colombia is one thing. Through a partnership, he reportedly just forked out $90 million for a hotel in Medellin. But to wrap his hands around one of Colombia’s most storied soccer teams after his absurd remarks about Latin Americans? Well, that would be an interesting thing to watch play out.

Nacional’s press officer Ramón Pinilla has denied that Nacional is up for sale, saying that the club president’s reaction upon hearing the news was the same reaction people have when thinking about Trump as the presumptive Republican candidate: Laughter.

A spokesman for the Trump-Proto bid suggested that their bid, which had been in the works for two months, is just a starting point, and that the group is prepared to improve the offer. And if Nacional isn’t ready to sell, they are prepared to consider other teams.

Imagine. Imagine a world with Donald Trump giving opinions on soccer. He is already widely credited for taking down the United States Football League (USFL). Maybe the world should think twice before giving him access to the other kind of football.