How to be a cyberpunk, according to a 1990s tech magazine

are-you-a-cyber-punk-mondo-2000-magazine-1993Mondo 2000

Well, are you?

This comes from Mondo 2000, a California-based magazine that was published between 1989 and 1998. It was a more outré take at tech than Wired (who admits it) that published this beautiful guide to being a cyberpunk in 1996.

Here are some thoughts on their cyberpunk feature:

  1. The person in the photograph.
  2. The definition. “A hard-boiled hacker with anarchist ambitions…a computer geek who likes Ministry.”
  3. The idea that paper-cash is important. Completely flies in the face of today’s tech snobs’ obsession with digital currencies.
  4. Minidisc! Absolutely. Never leave home without it.
  5. Laser Pointer–hassle people in dark places.”
  6. Owning a handheld scanner for “literary appropriations for [your] own cyberpunk manifesto.” I could swear that cribbing is against the Manifesto Writer’s Code. At the same time, theft is very cyberpunk. “What does ‘intellectual property’ even mean? This is Net!”
  7. Seriously, it’s all wonderful.

Mondo‘s first issue laid out its mission statement.

Mondo 2000 is here to cover the leading edge in hyperculture,” an introduction by editor Ken “R.U. Sirius” Goffman and publisher Allison “Queen Mu” Kennedy announced in the first issue. “We’re talking Cyber-Chautauqua: bringing cyberculture to the people! Artificial awareness modules. Visual music. Vidscan Magazines. Brain-boosting technologies. William Gibson’s Cyberspace Matrix—full realized!”

You had to be on their level. We may never be.

[h/t Wired who h/t-s Mondo in their bit]