Manchester United lost $25m on Angel Di Maria. Here’s what else it could have spent that money on.

Manchester United bought Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid for 60 million pounds a year ago and sold him to Paris Saint-Germain this week for 44 million pounds.

At today’s rates, that’s a loss of $25m in a year, even before you take into account the wages United paid him for running around aimlessly, when he wasn’t sitting on the bench watching Ashley Young in his place.

And that’s with selling him to a club owned by Qatari ba-trillion-zillionaires who overpay as routinely as Hollywood studio execs who hire Adam Sandler.

The subject of the British-record transfer fee has depreciated faster than a buy-to-let Florida condo circa 2008. And yet there’s so much money in top-level European soccer that the loss hardly seems like a big deal.

Here’s how United could have invested that written-off $25m instead: