A German judge came up with a special punishment for two soccer hooligans

Apparently, due to stuff like “civilization” and “laws,” if you see someone walking along the street who supports a rival club, you aren’t allowed to attack them.

So when two 1860 Munich fans allegedly ripped a jacket, shirt, and hat from a Bayern supporter during an unprovoked assault last year, they faced consequences. Weird consequences.

Judge Karin Jung, pulling the kind of stunt you’d expect to see from an elected judge in batshit-crazy small town America, rather than sensible Germany, gave the perps a choice: either go on a shopping spree in the Bayern club store on the victim’s behalf, or spend 15 months in prison.

Presumably it did not take them long to decide. Prison! Fuck Bayern, those crappy, founded-40-years-after-1860, corporate sell outs. TSV rules, Pep Guardiola drools. Mediocre 2.Bundesliga teams who don’t own their own stadium, forever!

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What? They bought the gear? Have these people no principles?

The guilty duo reportedly handed over about $500 each in compensation and a Bayern hat, scarf, and jersey in court.

“I wanted to show that football is football and not a battlefield,” Jung said. “I thought about what would be really painful to them, and doing something like this really bothers this type of people.”

Yes, well done for keeping violent assholes on the streets of Munich.