Olivier Giroud was the star of the Arsenal photobombing session

Arsenal recently had a launch for its 2015/16 home and away kits. After the launch, several supporters stuck behind for a “retail shoot” to model their new outfits. Little did they know, several Arsenal players were hiding in shadows, preparing to photobomb.

Watch the entire spectacle in the video at the bottom, if that’s your thing. But before you do, have a look at the real start of the shoot: England’s no. 1 French person, Olivier Giroud.

1. Surprise! It’s me, Olivier!

2. Hello, I am Olivier and I am lounging!


3. Hello, it’s me again. It’s Olivier!


4. Don’t look at the holes in my hand. I’m Olivier!

5. Helloooooooooooooo! I am French.

6. Everyone knows Olivier is the star attraction.


7. Hi! My name is Olivier and I have a baby dinosaur!


8. Olivier Giroud is the greatest.


Now enjoy the video in all its splendor.