Can you tell the difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and his lookalike fan?

This is not Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is a 17-year-old Danish kid called Shanta who wants to be Ronaldo. Very, very much.

He dresses like Ronaldo. He acts like Ronaldo. He calls himself Shanta Ronaldo. His Twitter account, @ShantaRonaldo, which has nearly 15,000 followers, is all Ronaldo, all the time.

According to the Daily Mirror, Shanta has visited Madrid five times this year. He waits outside the training ground for five hours to catch a glimpse of his idol.

“My obsession for Cristiano is enormous. I’ve no idea how much I’ve spent emulating him it’s definitely in the thousands though,” he said. “The reason I wanted to get a life like him is that he is rich, famous and living the life.”

Pretty much the only thing missing is the “being amazing at soccer” part. Yet Shanta Ronaldo had a trial with the Real Madrid academy last year – though the article doesn’t say whether it was for soccer or as a position as a possible body double for photoshoots.

Either way, good to know there’s someone in the world more obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo than Cristiano Ronaldo himself.