Cristiano Ronaldo dressed up as a homeless man to sell you headphones

It’s obvious why Gareth Bale might want to disguise himself on the streets of Madrid.

But his Real Madrid teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo? A man who very much seems to relish being recognized?

Yet here he is, going undercover on the streets of Madrid as a soccer-playing panhandler.

Ronaldo adopts a hipster-hobo look, with a shaggy wig, shades, bushy mustache and beard and bulky midriff. He’s only a couple of tattoos and a fixed-gear bicycle away from being mistaken for someone who runs a craft brewery in Portland.

Why bother? Is he trying to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless or jobless in the Spanish capital? Or bidding to improve the quality of Madrid street artists by setting a step-over standard that budding public entertainers should strive to equal?

Uh, no. He’s selling headphones. Because he wants everyone to “Live Life Loud”.

Hard to say what this has to do with pranking passers-by, but at least the stunt’s taught us that people react differently to rich celebrities than to impoverished strangers, so thanks for that insight.