Cristiano Ronaldo is the type of man that gives islands as wedding presents

When we’re talking about the wedding of the world’s most powerful agent, gifts of dinnerware, linen or a food processor just isn’t going to cut it.

Still, perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo went a little too far in the opposite direction, judging from reports he bought his agent, Jorge Mendes, a Greek island.

This is the kind of story that, at first, you read and think: nah, this must be a spoof. Then you remember about what top-level modern soccer is like, and realize that it’s entirely plausible.

Ronaldo was the best man at the wedding in Portugal, so he likely was feeling the pressure. Besides, Mendes steered his career from Sporting Lisbon to the Bernabeu via Manchester United, and they’ve both done pretty well out of their business partnership.

Considering the state of the Greek economy, it must be like Black Friday for sun-kissed Aegean idylls. You can probably pick up Corfu for what it’d cost to buy Ángel Di María.

Still, if true, that’s a remarkably generous gift from the Real Madrid star to the superagent, who, said to be worth $110m, can probably afford to choose his own island. And Ronaldo’s presumably already paying Mendes 10-15% of his income as commission, anyway. But that’s the thing about rich people. They get tons of free stuff.

Also in attendance: Real president Florentino Pérez, ex-United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, players, including Pepe and Fábio Coentrão, and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who is rich enough to buy the whole of Greece and still have enough change left over to purchase Malta. No word on what his gift was, though.