This Argentine goalkeeper decided to eat the burger opposing fans chucked at him

In one way, credit to Belgrano goalkeeper Juan Olave for reacting to anti-social behavior with humor.

In another way: eew.

After a Racing fan threw a burger at him during a game, Olave put the bun back together, picked it up, took a bite, made a “thanks for the free food!” gesture, wolfed down another chunk and then placed it near his net, possibly in case he felt a bit peckish later on.

Point made. And at least it wasn’t a coin. But that burger had been on the ground. It was chewed on by someone else. And it’s stadium food. Stadium food is always bad. Even when it’s OK, it’s bad because you’ve paid three times as much for it as if you’d bought the equivalent meal outside the arena.

Come on, Juan. You’re not Wayne Rooney.

That said, there’s something strangely irresistible about stadium food, despite its manifest wrongness.

Just ask NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez

or the Ottawa Senators’ Curtis Lazar.