Christian Benteke scored this rocket of a goal to give Liverpool hope for the new season

Steven Gerrard topped Liverpool’s goalscoring charts last season. Raheem Sterling came second. Both left the club this summer. That’s not ideal, especially considering the Reds’ defense is as laughable as ever.

So there are three options for Liverpool: Hope and pray that Nathaniel Clyne and magic can make the defense better, cross fingers that Daniel Sturridge is fit (he’s not) and carries the attack ,or lean on new signings for lots of goals.

If Liverpool goes with option three, as it should, that means putting a lot of onus on Christian Benteke.

Betting on Benteke isn’t a bad idea. He scored 13 in 26 Premier League starts last season, is only 24 years old and is a monster of a man. That’s why Liverpool paid out 32.5 million pounds for him this summer.

So how is Benteke doing for the Reds? Let’s check out his first Liverpool goal.

Yep, not bad.

That whole big, skillful, rocket of a shot thing gives a team hope it can possibly use this new signing to cover up a terrible defense.

And if Sturridge wants to get healthy, Roberto Firmino wants to adjust quickly, James Milner wants to stabilize the midfield and Brendan Rodgers wants to find an option that isn’t Dejan Lovren, Liverpool should be alright.