Frank Lampard finally played a match for New York City FC

Frank Lampard finally played a match with New York City FC on Saturday. It was a really big deal.

You would be forgiven if you thought it would never happen. After all, he supposedly had signed with the club a year ago and would start playing for them at the start of the MLS season. Instead, he had never actually signed an MLS contract and decided to play with Manchester City for all of the last Premier League season. He didn’t join up with NYCFC until July, but then he was hurt. He didn’t play in the next match either. Was it all just a giant ruse, as much of the last year had seemed to be?

Then Saturday came. Lampard had signed a real MLS contract. He pulled on a real NYCFC shirt and tied up real boots. Then he walked onto a real soccer pitch (in a not real soccer stadium) and played in a real MLS match.

It was amazing. And how did the NYCFC fans react?


They love lamp. Because everyone loves lamp. If you don’t love lamp then you’ve probably never even killed a man in an anchorman brawl, in which case you’ve never really lived.