José Mourinho throws shade on Arsenal because he knows he owns Arsène Wenger

Arsenal beat Chelsea to win the Community Shield. It was a big deal. After all, this was a very glorified friendly. It mattered so much that José Mourinho threw his runners-up medal into the stands on the way out.

Of course, the Arsenal players were happy. Glorified friendly or not, the Gunners won and got a trophy for it so that was nice. And Nice Guy José even stuck around to give all of his former players a hug. Mesut Özil and Petr Cech got adorable embraces, while the rest of the Arsenal team got handshakes.

Then after tossing his medal into the stands, Mourinho went to talk to reporters and lit Arsenal on fire.

The defensive slur has been a go-to line of Arsenal and Arsène Wenger’s for the better part of a decade now. And Mourinho dropped it on them after a friendly.

It might look like sour grapes. Or it might look like Mourinho pointing out how silly Arsenal and Wenger have been pretty much each and every year for the last 10 years.

See, Mourinho has only lost once in 14 matches against Wenger (real matches, not Community Shields). And Mourinho has never finished below Wenger’s Arsenal in the Premier League. His dominance extends to Europe too, where he’s gone farther in the Champions League than Arsenal in all but one season over the last decade.

So is Mourinho out here cracking on Wenger and Arsenal? You bet it. And does it look a little petty? It sure does. But he knows how unimportant the match is. He knows how Arsenal has reacted to being beat by defensive teams for a decade. And he knows that he owns Wenger and remains Tha Gawd.