The new Manchester United kits are nice, but the adidas money is what really matters

The Nike era at Manchester United is officially over. The moment the clock hit midnight and the calendar turned to August, the Red Devils’ contract was Nike ended. Now, Manchester United is an adidas club.

And with a new kit supplier comes new kits.

The Manchester United kits are a pretty safe and basic design. It’s just red with white accents and a bit of black, with the signature adidas three stripes down the sleeves. There’s nothing special, unique or loud. And when you’re Manchester United, why not? It’s not like people are going to confuse the Red Devils with another club. That’s the beauty of being one of the biggest clubs in the world.

But kits are just that – kits. It’s a shirt, shorts and socks that the players wear. They’re really not that important.

What is important? The £75 million that adidas will be paying Manchester United each year for the next decade. And the rights to all merchandise of non-on-field apparel that the Red Devils will sell because, under this new contract, the club gets to produce and keep all of that.

So the end of the Nike era at Manchester United isn’t really that big of a deal. Nor is the new adidas kit. But those giant checks that the Man United are going to cash? They’re a game changer, not that the Red Devils needed any more money. But they’re getting it, and they’re coming for your players. Hell, they’re coming for the entire world because there’s not going to be much they can’t afford anymore.