AMERICA ASKS: What do you want to know from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?

For months, Democrats were saying #Hillary2016 or bust. Now it’s not so clear.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is one of five Democrats vying for the presidential nomination–and seems to be the least unpopular of the 2016 candidates.

In a poll released today, Sanders still runs far behind Hillary in the fight for the nomination. But the same data shows Bernie would take The Donald no problem. In a hypothetical general election head to head, Sanders trumps Trump 44% to 39%.

So Bernie’s got a shot. But what does he stand for?

Sanders, 73, is an independent senator from Vermont who caucuses with Democrats. A self-described democratic socialist, he’s running on an brazenly liberal platform — from tackling income inequality and student debt, to raising minimum wage and confronting racial injustice.

But he recently came out with a less expected take on immigration, saying opening the U.S. borders “would make everybody in America poorer.”

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos is sitting down with Senator Sanders this Friday, July 31, and wants to know: What do you want to ask this presidential candidate?

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