This 1970 debate on feminism sure escalated quickly

In 1970, Miami’s Tiger Bay Club, long the home for non-partisan political discussion in South Florida, held a public forum about feminism that featured several speeches. Similar to ad-hoc Twitter debates that occur in modern times, the women were composed and logical during their speeches while two of the men who spoke said absolutely abhorrent and head-slappingly dumb things. Let’s roll the tape!

The first speaker, Roxcy Bolton, is an OG member of the women’s lib movement (and still speaking her mind like the boss she is). She speaks on how images and ideas about gender roles start in early childhood.

Also speaking was Sally Jessy (before she was Sally Jessy Raphael and host of a national talk show). She praises the women’s liberation movement, saying they want to leave society and are “like all revolutionaries, angry.”

Now let’s examine the men. First up is Pat Murphy of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. He thinks “we’re focusing on the small injustices.” He thinks women have the right to “be competitive and equal with men” but we need to focus on the real issue at hand: pleasure.




Hal Bergida, a Florida political operative of the highest order, finished the debate with a flurry of b-s that is simply immaculate.

“I have no objection if a women, who is a Miss, and wants to remain a Miss, and she becomes a doctor, or a professor, or whatever, continues to do so. That’s great!”

Congratulations, men! You won the debate. Or something.