Kids flock to Cristiano Ronaldo like he’s carrying candy in his soccer shorts or something

Look at these cute little kids. Look at their sweet, innocent, happy, judgmental, snub-delivering faces.

Their pre-match antics before Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Inter Milan in China showed the kind of ambition that’s making China a dominant superpower.

American mascots would probably have respectfully stood in line in front of their designated player, doing what they’re told, not daring to mess with the established structure. These children in Guangzhou are more ambitious. More driven.

They’re not content with Toni Kroos and Isco. They want better. They want the best. And so they gravitate to Cristiano Ronaldo, making him look like some sort of white track-suited Pied Piper. They get what they want, and they’re happy. Suck it up, Kroos. It’s your own fault you’re alone. If you want mascots, try harder.