FIFA corruption exhibit set to open at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Here’s one way to sum up FIFA’s crisis: in 2013 it partnered with the Nobel Peace Center.

Now FIFA is being honored with a permanent exhibit at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in Las Vegas, aka the Mob Museum.

Las Vegas may not be getting an MLS team, but this is surely the next best thing. If not even better.

Of course, it would not be entirely fair to describe FIFA as a mob outfit run by gangsters since legal cases are ongoing and many claims against top executives are simply allegations at this point. All we’re saying is, there’s no better place for a FIFA exhibit than Sin City now that – thanks to the U.S. justice department – what happens in Zurich is not staying in Zurich.

The FIFA Corruption exhibit should fit perfectly alongside the "Mob's Greatest Hits"Getty Images

According to the museum, the display, predictably dubbed The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly, will open on September 1 and provide “an incisive and eye-opening look into the rampant corruption that plagues FIFA… through photographs, media clippings and cover stories and expository narrative, the museum’s new FIFA exhibit gives a breakdown of the kickbacks, secrecy and match-fixing associated with the scandal.”

The museum says it’s hoping the exhibit will boost its numbers of foreign visitors. The dream scenario would be for Sepp Blatter to be guest of honor for the opening, but that’s not going to happen, not least because the FIFA president doesn’t seem to be traveling anywhere apart from Russia right now.

Still, he’ll soon be taking his rightful place alongside America’s finest mobsters: Al Capone, John Gotti and Steve Buscemi.