No, seriously, Mike Tyson is a Benfica fan

Maybe this is why MLS refuses to put a franchise in Las Vegas: because Mike Tyson would probably own it.

Or, at the very least, get a season pass and wander around the stadium scaring the shit out of everybody despite talking very quietly.

Tyson was pictured in a Benfica jersey on Sunday as the New York Red Bulls beat the Portuguese team 2-1 in Harrison, even though he was born in New York City. But are you going to call him disloyal, a bandwagon-jumping celebrity Eurosnob fan? Of course you’re not. Nor is anyone else.

Tyson is apparently a longtime Benfica follower after being introduced to them by a friend who gave him a jersey years ago. (Sort of like Cameron Diaz and Brentford, only actually true.)

And look, here’s Tyson on the death of the club’s greatest player last year: “R.I.P. Eusebio Black Panther BENFICA forever”.

Tyson probably left Red Bull Arena disappointed when another Iron Mike (Grella) scored the Red Bulls’ winner.

Don’t worry, we’ve checked, he’s OK.