Miguel Herrera reportedly celebrated winning the Gold Cup by punching a journalist

Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl tweeted after Mexico’s Gold Cup win over Jamaica: “Miguel Herrera still has gold glitter on his face. Looks like he’s going to a rave. Hoping he is.”

Alas, cast away your sparkled visions of an alternate reality with the Mexico coach as the star of a 2001 Mariah Carey flop, because he wasn’t going to a rave. He was simply raving.

Herrera was his usual cool, detached, passive self on the touchline in Philadelphia. But according to reports, those fists were not only clenched in celebration the morning after the victory.

AS reported that Herrera had a physical confrontation with TV Azteca’s Christian Martinoli, one of his biggest critics, at Philadelphia’s airport on Monday.

As a major U.S. Airways hub in one of America’s most perpetually pissed-off cities, feelings of extreme rage among passengers at Philadelphia’s airport are nothing new.

Still, you’d think Herrera would be feeling pretty mellow after Mexico’s Mark Geiger-assisted march to Gold Cup glory. Getting into an alleged fight after you’ve actually won the tournament? That’s some impressive lingering bitterness, though gratuitous fouls, even in the airport after the tournament, are entirely in the spirit of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Hopefully video will emerge of the reporter being hit in the back and rolling around on the floor clutching his face as trash rains down on the scene from fans watching in the departure lounge.

The memes came so quickly, it was almost like they’d been pre-made, waiting for this moment.




Thank you for your service, El Piojo.