Chinese city creates lanes for texting and walking

In an effort to ward off the cell phone zombie invasion, the Chinese city of Chongqing has unveiled special pedestrian lanes made specifically for cell phone users.

The lane stretches over 100 feet next to a “no cell phone” walkway on the city’s Foreigner Street. Of course, the lane only works if cell phone users look up for 10 seconds to read the sign.

In recent years, pedestrian-related accidents have been steadily rising. This is mostly
attributed to texting while walking, as discussed previously on the Fusion Live segment, “A Cluttered Mind”:

A similar pedestrian lane was tested in Washington D.C. as part of the National Geographic show “Mind Over Masses.” However, D.C. cell phone users were mostly too distracted to alter their course, so it’s questionable whether or not the lanes can prevent accidents.

Are “cell phone only” lanes really the way of the future? Well, remember that walking is a pinnacle of human evolution. It really is harder than it looks. Thousands of years spent conquering bipedalism can come undone with a simple text and a poorly placed street lamp.

Don’t smash your face into a street lamp! Let’s bring respect back to walking: put away the phone and look where you’re going.