Gabigol is supposed to be the next Neymar so he’s already practicing for superstardom

Gabriel Barbosa – Gabigol – has been dubbed “the next Neymar,” which seems like insane praise and expectations, but then you realize that the 18-year-old Santos forward has been given a nickname with the word “gol” in it so the insanity isn’t particularly new. And after starring for pretty much every Brazil youth team, a senior team call-up probably isn’t too far off.* He’s a star, waiting to explode.

But before he makes the jump to the national team and, eventually, European club soccer, he’s getting the job done for Santos. And by “getting the job done” we don’t mean just scoring goals. That’s important, but not nearly as important as how he celebrates his goals.

You know, like using the corner flag as a guitar.

The world will be a better place when Gabigol is a global superstar.

* This is wishful thinking because Brazil manager Dunga is a curmudgeon who hates good things so who the hell knows if he’s actually going to give Gabigol a shot.