Marco Reus scored a goal so amazing we don’t even care that it was a meaningless friendly

Preseason friendlies aren’t particularly useful. They’re just a bunch of guys running around to get in shape, pretending that they take it seriously just so the fans who paid good money can feel like they got a little bit of a show.

But the fans aren’t really getting that show, and with huge ticket prices for games in the U.S., it’s often not worth going to watch these friendlies.


Screw it being a friendly. Screw it being preseason. Screw anything you can do about the litany of circumstances that led to this goal. It was amazing and Reus is amazing and you better enjoy the hell out of it. Players don’t make full-field runs, roast a defender and bury shots. Ever. But Reus did that and it was awesome.

Now spend the next 10 minutes praying to whatever god, deity or Zlatan you believe in that Reus stays healthy this season. We need this to happen again and again all season long. Do it for the fans. Do it for us. Do it for the YouTube.