Tampa Bay Rowdies should consider a helicopter to partner Freddy Adu

The Tampa Bay area got pummeled with rain for a couple days. So when the Tampa Bay Rowdies were getting ready for their NASL game on Saturday, they had a bit of a problem. Their field was drenched.

Puddles formed on the water clogged field. The ball was dead. So the Rowdies brought in a helicopter to dry the field.


A helicopter as a field drier is pretty clever. After all, it creates the wind necessary to dry out the field. It wasn’t going to make the pitch pristine, but it would make it significantly more playable.

The helicopter was basically the MVP. But it also proved to be the Rowdies’ star striker.


Add the helicopter to last week’s new signing Freddy Adu and the Rowdies have an all star attacking duo. Adu with the pass, helicopter with the finish and Tampa Bay is going to win the NASL title.