Turkish soccer fans love fire so much they’ll share their flares with pretty much everyone

Turkish soccer fans really like flares. Well, really they like all things that can make fire. And they will bring them to any match at any time to make their love for their team (and flares) known.


A Turkish fan’s love for fire is not limited to just competitive matches either. Flare love is flare love, every day of every year and in every competition (or non-existent competition) you can come up with.

So when Galatasaray was set to meet Udinese for a preseason friendly, Gala’s fans showed up with flares. And then they threw them on the pitch.

Did it matter that it was a friendly? Nope.

Did it matter that their own players asked them to stop? Nope.

Flare love is too real for any sort of prioritization or reason. And apparently the flares need to be shared, even with those on the field. The friendly was eventually canceled, which is a new level of amazing for Turkish fans with flares. Even meaningless matches are not safe.