World Cup draw gives Wales a reason to party

Wales is ranked in the top 10 in the world, thanks to the insane, nonsensical FIFA World Rankings. Any illusion that the Welsh are good was set to be washed away during World Cup qualifying, when they would be exposed for what they truly are
– Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and some dudes. After all, Wales have qualified for one World Cup in their history, way back in 1958, and has never made it to the Euros. Top 10 in the world is ridiculous.

But there’s this crazy thing that comes with being ranked No. 10 in the world
– you get seeded for the World Cup draw. So Wales ended up in Pot 1 for Saturday’s draw, which gave it a chance at an easy draw for qualifying, but the draw gods were on their side and did the Welsh one better. They gave Wales the easiest draw in all of Europe.

Wales: Bale, his abs and a couple other players on the field to ensure 11 men are present.Stu Forster/Getty Images

Wales: Bale, his abs and a couple other players on the field to ensure 11 men are present.

Wales is in Group D with Austria, Serbia, Ireland, Moldova and Georgia. Technically, that could be difficult because Austria is the 15th ranked team in the world, but Austria might be as overrated as Wales. There is no chance in hell that Austria is the 15th best team in the world so that’s not much of a challenge, Serbia is last in its Euro qualifying group and Ireland’s best goalscorer is 35-year-old Robbie Keane so it’s no wonder that they’re struggling. Meanwhile, Moldova and Georgia are minnows that will be lucky to win four matches combined in the entire qualifying round.

Basically, Wales has one foot in the World Cup despite not having played a single match yet. The draw did the Welsh that good.

Picture this: Bale in Moscow, taking a pass from Ramsey and running at a terrified defense while 81,000 fans at the Luzhniki Stadium watch, not to mention tens of millions more on TV. As for the rest of the team, whatever. Ashley Williams and Joe Ledley will be there too, so good for them.

Party on, Wales.