Arsene Wenger says he can’t retire because he has no hobbies

Arsene Wenger is soon to enter his 20th year at Arsenal but can never quit because he has no hobbies and would get really bored.

Arsenal hasn’t won the Premier League since 2004 and has finished third or fourth for the past 10 years. Wenger has been manager since 1996 and turns 66 in October.

But given that he appears to be in good health and his bosses don’t appear to care about winning the title as long as he gets the club’s snout into the Champions League free-money trough every season, he could carry on, and on, and on.

“Retirement? Yes, it crosses my mind sometimes but for no longer than five seconds because I panic a little bit,” he told the Guardian.

“When we played at Man United, he [Alex Ferguson] came to meet me after the game. I said: ‘Come on, you don’t miss it?’ He says: ‘No.’ He had enough. He goes to every game. But he has horses. I have no horses.”

ASCOT - 18 JUNE:  Sir Alex Ferguson leads in his horse Rock Of Gibraltar after the it landed The St. James Palace Stakes during Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse in England on June 18, 2002.  (photo by Julian Herbert/Getty Images)Getty Images

ASCOT - 18 JUNE 2002: Sir Alex Ferguson leads in his horse Rock Of Gibraltar. (photo by Julian Herbert/Getty Images)

Wenger has previously told interviewers that when not managing a soccer team, he likes to go home and watch soccer on TV. After coming home from an Arsenal match, he watches the game again.

In May he told the Press Association that in retirement his hobby would be “watching football”. He listens to classical music and ’70s and ’80s pop on his car radio.

Luckily he’s more interesting in news conferences, like when he responds to Manchester United’s transfer spending by saying it has “no patience.”