Lionel Messi went to Gabon dressed like he was ‘going to the zoo’ and a bunch of people got pissed

Lionel Messi is soccer royalty. Scratch that, he’s just royalty.

And as a royal, he has no time to be overly deferential to mere presidents. So when he went to Gabon for to meet the country’s president, he did it in some Chucks, ripped jean shorts, and a t-shirt.

He’s Messi. He wears what he wants.

That didn’t please the Gabonese too much, as evidence by a local political party’s statement (translated by ESPNFC).

“The messiah of football arrived in Gabon like he were going to a zoo: dirty, unshaven and his hands in his pockets, looking for peanuts to throw to them!

“When you’re called Lionel Messi and you’re a multi-billionaire, you don’t have the right to present yourself to officials of a republic, even a banana one, with your hands in the pockets of a ripped, tattered pair of shorts.

“Gabon isn’t a zoo. We don’t know what the Argentine came to Gabon for, but we at least have the right to denounce his negligence and his lack of respect for standards and principles. We are uneasy with Messi’s attitude and his attire. Only for these reasons, linked to respect for the host country, do we condemn the footballer’s indelicateness, to say the least!”

King Messi is now in the middle of a political fight. Royalty indeed.

But seriously — jean shorts?