The Spanish media has given the David de Gea and Sergio Ramos rumors new life

Either David de Gea to Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos to Manchester United aren’t dead, or it’s mid-July and the Spanish dailies don’t have much to write about. Maybe both are true.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.28.37 AMAS (screenshot)

United manager Louis van Gaal teasing reporters by saying “I cannot talk about rumors. I have said already it’s a process and maybe Mr Ramos is in the process – you never know,” is all it’s taken to get the story on the front page of AS. It must be a great feeling to be someone who can set the news agenda just by saying, basically, any old crap. Imagine if van Gaal revealed any actual information.

Madrid, according to Sport via El Pais, is still chasing de Gea. At this point, though, instead of an exciting chase where citizens are dodged and vehicles are smashed at 100 miles-per-hour, this looks like a pursuit where the perps tried to get away by driving on a freeway during rush hour.

“Madrid have a deal with De Gea – with an expiry date,” the report says. “If they don’t sign him before August 20, they have to give the goalkeeper 10 million euros. For their part, if Man United don’t sell him before January he can move for free.” Which is completely insane and unbelievable, obviously. And therefore probably true.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.29.32 AMDiario Sport (screenshot)

It’s possible that van Gaal is just trying to mess with Madrid, who’ve just named Ramos captain for next season and given Keylor Navas the number one jersey vacated by Iker Casillas. It’s also possible this is just wishful thinking, because either man moving would be a major story, let alone both in a kind of Spanish star swap.

Or maybe this is the rumor that won’t die for a good reason. Surely if de Gea has a great game when United faces Barcelona in San Jose on Saturday, that’ll persuade Madrid to make an offer the Old Trafford club can’t refuse? Provide the swap hasn’t happened by Saturday, of course.